Updated: Dec 21, 2018

1. Morphe 35O

If you haven't ever tried any products from Morphe, you're definitely missing out. The Morphe palettes are AMAZING quality, and the average retail price is only about $20. To be honest, it's hard to even compare any other brand to Morphe. They somehow have the most pigmented and buttery shadows for the BEST prices. The 35O is one of their most popular palettes (it sold out in minutes each launch) with good reason. It's full of matte and shimmer shades, and it can easily be a palette that you can travel with and not take any others. They also have a 35OM (all matte) and a 35OS (all shimmer) if you want to add to your 35O collection. And yes, I have each one of them...

Price: $22.99

Where to buy:

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

I LOVE Too Faced products, especially their eyeshadow palettes. Let me just start off by saying - yes, it does actually SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE. It's amazing. Not only does this eyeshadow palette smell amazing, it has the perfect shades too. This is a palette that I can use every day to create any type of look. If you're looking for a great all around palette, I would definitely recommend this one.

Price: $49

Where to buy: Ulta and Sephora (online or in store) and

3. Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette

The second I saw a picture of this palette, I knew I had to have it. I went to buy it at Ulta a few times and it was sold out each time I tried. I finally got it, and fell in love right away. This is one of the only ABH palettes that I have (not sure why, they're amazing) and it's another palette that I can use every single day. I have SO many palettes that I pretty much never use them all up, but I have probably used this palette more than almost any other (second to only the Too Faced Chocolate Bar) and actually hit pan on a few shades.

Price: $42

Where to buy: Ulta and Sephora (online or in store) and

4. Makeup Geek x Manny MUA palette

Sadly, this palette was a limited edition collaboration with Manny MUA and is no longer available, but I wanted to mention it because it is still one of my favorites. This palette is beautiful and has the perfect shades for me. It has shades you can use for an every day look, a pop of color, and shades that you can use for a darker smokey eye. This is the first palette I have ever tried from Makeup Geek, and I'm obsessed.

Price: $45

Where to buy: SOLD OUT - limited edition

5. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Last but not least, the Sweet Peach palette. Yes, another Too Faced palette! This palette was one of my most recent purchases. Too Faced has had a few separate launches for this palette, and with the latest launch they added a whole sweet peach collection. I know you're thinking, does this palette have a scent too? The answer is yes, it smells like amazing peaches and it makes me hungry when I do my makeup. Besides the fact that it smells amazing, it has some beautiful, very high quality shadows that I love.

Price: $49

Where to buy: Ulta and Sephora (online or in store)